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WORKSHOP: Sacred Self Care

Led by Ayurvedic Practitioner Julie Bernier.

Learn the art of self care with Ayurvedic practitioner Julie Bernier's holistic approach to individualized wellness. These are part of Ayurveda’s wisdom of the daily routine or dinacharya; rituals which harmonize the body and mind with the rhythms of nature. They bring a deep sense of self-love, gently cleanse the body inside and out, and create physical and mental wellbeing.

When you regularly practice these rituals, you'll see and feel their results as more vibrant energy, restful sleep, better digestion, clearer eyes, and glowing skin. They not only boost immunity and prevent imbalances, but they nurture a balanced mind. You'll become more in tune with your own body and understand how to support its natural rhythms.

Together we’ll explore the bad habits that busy women easily fall prey to and how to avoid them,

Plus ayurvedic self-care practices including:

• healthy sleep cycles that give energy (nidra)
• tongue diagnosis and tongue scraping (jihwanirlekana)
• revitalizing breathwork (pranayama)
• rhythms of nourishment (ahara)
• supporting the moon cycle

Embrace these practices into your daily routine and radiate your health and happiness from the inside out!


Earlier Event: April 5
Later Event: May 10