Community Spotlight - Lindsey Kimura

Meet Lindsey!


Lindsey Kimura | Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Reader, Certified Yoga Teacher + more!

Need some more spirituality in your life? She's the real deal!

What self care practices are most important for balancing your work and life?
Daily meditation, regular cleanses (mental, emotional, energetic) - epsom salt/eucalyptus baths, smudging, burning candles, chanting, working with crystals, space clearing, free time, spa days, adventures/getaways in nature (to charge)

What teacher, therapy, ritual, self-care practice or experience can you recommend to the community?
Daily meditation, self-study through observation, asking your higher power (whatever that means to you) for specific, clear guidance in aligning with your highest path and fulfilling your life purpose.  The work is moving ourselves (ego) out of the way, surrendering to what higher will has for us, becoming clear channel/vessels through which divine energy flows, remembering, rediscovering, and truly knowing/honoring our energetic blueprint - why we are her.

What personal or business advice do you have for the community?
Follow your heart, intuition, and what feels right.  Use the mind as a tool to express, process, and carry out.  Check in with your feelings regularly. Be yourself - it's okay not to "fit in."  Carve a new path.  Work always in the highest form of integrity.  Money is a flow of energy.  Know your value and let money flow in and out without attachment/hoarding.  Investing in your health, well being, and spirit always returns to you multiple-fold.  Abundance comes in many forms - health, joy, gifts, energy, beauty, travel, leisure, love +++

What advice/values/life motto do you live by?
My highest values are integrity, truth, and justice.  Always project love.