Workspace Oasis is an elevated coworking + wellness day for women seeking an inspiring community

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Our intention at WRKSPC Oasis is to offer a coworking space for women to work and make genuine connections. We gather together, collaborate and inspire one another. Our mid-day group circle grounds and connects the community.



We work with industry professionals to provide business workshops, coaching and start-up business series to help grow your business.



We integrate wellness in our coworking day making holistic offerings available. Day passes have included a holistic nutrition session, facials, and energy healing. Our members also receive self-care packages filled with conscious products.


WRKSPC Oasis monthly popup is an inspiring space for women to meet, work, and gather together to with various holistic and business offerings throughout the day.




“Went to an amazing women’s coworking pop-up event earlier this week at Wrkspc Oasis. Was reminded of how important it is to take good care of yourself, mind, body and spirit, while working to achieve your big goals.”
— Polina L. (Designer, Creative Director)
“Thank you so much Mikayla + Kristine for creating such a beautiful space for connecting and supporting each other, while building our businesses and nourishing ourselves. I loved connecting with everyone and this guided meditation was so good.”
— Colleen B. (Functional Medicine Wellness Coach)
“Always a wonderful session! I love the WRKSPC OASIS family. Building genuine community amongst smart, powerful and sensitive women is an incredible experience. Look forward to the next one. Xx”
— Celeste Y. (Meditation Teacher)
“I can’t describe the beautiful energy that I had when I attended WRKSPC Oasis..Not only was the environment inviting but the women who attended and the creators were positive forces of empowerment. Loved it and can’t wait to attend the next event.”
— Erica B. (Healthcare Professional)